Professor S Hawking must not be taken seriously. His warning that Humankind will not survive , next 1000 years on Earth , unless we escape into Space and increase Space Exploration , is strange and without any foundation. Hawking’s Physics is deteriorating into occultism and mysticism. Not long ago , the same famous Physicist made an unsound statement , that Heaven is a funy story. And those who fear death , believe in Heaven , by implication God. I wrote that time that Stephen Hawking was illogical. That Suicide Bombers go killing themselves , for a cause , because of their great belief in Heaven and God. This counter example , shows how wrong , confused and irrational the Professor could be , in the face of Theology and Cosmology. Physics is not Theology. It is inexact science and has many short comings. Physics is inferior to Mathematics and Astronomy , the only pure Sciences. Even Astronomy and Mathematics are incapable of explaining the Universe. How much more Physics and Physicists.