Zimbabweans have again elected Comrade Robert Mugabe , as their president. He was leader of liberation movement that gained independence , from racist Ian Smith regime of Rhodesia. Land Reforms , fair distribution of fertile lands to the people , has infuriated western supporters of the old regime , where few Europeans controlled about 90% of virgin lands and natural resources. Mugabe’s humane transformation of Rhodesia into Zimbabwe is greatest good , for the fine people. Ian Smith proclaimed fine humanity of president Mugabe , refused to be used against Zimbabwe and happily lived and died peacefully under president Robert Mugabe. Queen of England recognized and honoured Mugabe , with Knighthood , for his profound impact on society. He holds more than ten reputable University Degrees in Political Science , Sociology , Economics , Philosophy , History and other fields. Not many world leaders and his detractors are so capable and learned. Inferiority complex makes western leaders hate him. Mugabe is a Marxist.