Schopenhauer ON WOMEN , wrote women are weaker sex , and argued that they have developed capacity to tell lies , to overcome male physical power. He further stated that women lack justice , and are more likely to commit perjury , since they are liars. And that they should not be trusted as witnesses , in a court of law. Above is disturbing , from a thinker. Are women really weaker than men ? One truth about a woman is that , there is certainty about the mother of her child. A baby comes from the womb , directly and clearly from an outlet on the woman , who becomes undisputed mother of the baby. Men however , are not so knowledgeable in that respect. There is a cloud as to the real biological father of a baby. Superior knowledge women have on the biological father of their children , is a powerful tool that could be used easily to make men docile , and then controlled by their female partners. Hence the steriotype that woman is a weaker sex is overturned , logically. With that counter example , initial theorem on which words of Schopenhauer stands is dead. So there is no rational basis , to consider or accept anti-women statements of Schopenhauer. Such a thinker , whose speculations in respect of women lack root in truth , logic and common sense must be a danger , to good health of societal harmony. Sane men and women may just ignore Schopenhauer’s writings on women.