Greetings to you all. There is something that needs attention. Francis Snr appears not really sound and normal. His understanding and appreciation of basic ideas and practices are very poor. He has not good moral sense. And places undue emphasis on money , his debts and fear of marriage going wrong. That he must do all to please a woman , so his relation would not end on rocks. One wonders if he is not troubled and under great pressure at his London home. What prevents him from escaping for a second , strange shaddow of a faraway entity. He did not bother to visit his sisters in Accra. He was few kilometres from home at Cape Coast and wanted to be received or met there , instead of coming home. Last time two of you were in the country , he did not bring you home. What scares him must be secret to him. There is something very wrong. And we must pray for his recovery. He lacks logical reasoning. And blinded by mercinary considerations. It is as if money is more valuable than anything. He knows no God and must be total darkness. According to him , he is financial turmoil , borrowed more than he could manage. That must have triggered idiotic sense of insecurity and unacceptable conduct. To the extent that he is slipping deeper and deeper into a cesspool of helplessness and irrational agitations. Clamouring , fighting and scheming to make money by hook or crook and irrationally. Shall we pray together. That the Grace of God may be with him , save him and bless him with understanding and love of God. May the peace of the Lord be with him and all around him in Jesus’ name. Amen. Date: November 17 , 2014.




Revolutionary President of Venezuela was Hugo Chavez. The people knew his humanity. They always voted him as their leader. He stood for the oppressed , exploited and excluded under Capitalism. And made life good and fine for the people. Chavez was morally sound and stood up to evil. At UNITED NATIONS in New York , he got up with eyes fixed on then American president G W Bush. And eloquently and with great moral sense denounced Bush as very evil man , one who thought the world was for him and could do as he wished. No one could be so bold and very correct. Chavez felt for the poor in America. He sent part of his nation’s rich oil , free of charge to America. He did so to save Americans from dying of cold. The oil was necessary for heating homes of the impoverished and excluded in so called rich America. Yet America steals funds of its poor citizens in war racket , into the pockets of WALL STREET criminals , political thieves , arms and drug dealers. America has criminalized doing good. And legalize doing bad , exploitation of labour of workers. Feeding the poor , homeless and excluded is a crime in America. Only America has such twisted sense of morality , freedom and justice. On US Dollar is IN GOD WE TRUST. This god they trust must be SATAN , father of lies and evil. True God is Love , not anti homeless. He abhors evil. He cares for the oppressed and poor. God is anti Capitalism , an evil system that feeds and survives on exploitation , oppression and dehumanization of workers and children of True God , source of all existence.



Prayer of a believer is answered by God. The answer is a mystery and may confound the petitioner. The wish of one praying is not that of God in many cases. And answered prayer may be different from what is prayed for. Paul had a torn in his flesh. It was not a spike. But an affiiction , pain. He asked God three times to remove the suffering. To Paul God did not. Later he confessed that in weakness , pain and suffering he found strength. In other words his petition was not answered according to his wish. But unremoval of the pain was God’s answer and a good one for him , as Paul recognized later on. Today make fake , mercinary evangelists , pastors and self appointed prophets claim and preach that all prayers of the believer are answered as wished by the petitioner , by faith and in the nane of Jesus the Christ. This bogus notion of prayer shows in emphasis on prosperity gospel. And the formula applied to praying. God is commanded in Jesus name to heal the sick , bring prosperity to the poor and to make the rich even more rich. Careful look at the formula shows that these so called pastors and leaders are of the evil one. And are commanding elementals to effect changes and teaching their followers to do same in prayer. In magic the practictioner is above the diety. He therefore orders it at his will and for satisfaction his needs as wished by the magician. The religious is obedient to the word of God or Diety. And cannot command the spirit to do his will. He prays according to the will of the Spirit. Since the true believer is under the influence and Word of God or Diety. Miracles are faked by tele evangelists and others to dupe their followers. Some consult mediums and the devil to mesmerise the congregation. Let us be wise and worship God in spirit and in truth.