Greetings to you all. There is something that needs attention. Francis Snr appears not really sound and normal. His understanding and appreciation of basic ideas and practices are very poor. He has not good moral sense. And places undue emphasis on money , his debts and fear of marriage going wrong. That he must do all to please a woman , so his relation would not end on rocks. One wonders if he is not troubled and under great pressure at his London home. What prevents him from escaping for a second , strange shaddow of a faraway entity. He did not bother to visit his sisters in Accra. He was few kilometres from home at Cape Coast and wanted to be received or met there , instead of coming home. Last time two of you were in the country , he did not bring you home. What scares him must be secret to him. There is something very wrong. And we must pray for his recovery. He lacks logical reasoning. And blinded by mercinary considerations. It is as if money is more valuable than anything. He knows no God and must be total darkness. According to him , he is financial turmoil , borrowed more than he could manage. That must have triggered idiotic sense of insecurity and unacceptable conduct. To the extent that he is slipping deeper and deeper into a cesspool of helplessness and irrational agitations. Clamouring , fighting and scheming to make money by hook or crook and irrationally. Shall we pray together. That the Grace of God may be with him , save him and bless him with understanding and love of God. May the peace of the Lord be with him and all around him in Jesus’ name. Amen. Date: November 17 , 2014.