Revolutionary President of Venezuela was Hugo Chavez. The people knew his humanity. They always voted him as their leader. He stood for the oppressed , exploited and excluded under Capitalism. And made life good and fine for the people. Chavez was morally sound and stood up to evil. At UNITED NATIONS in New York , he got up with eyes fixed on then American president G W Bush. And eloquently and with great moral sense denounced Bush as very evil man , one who thought the world was for him and could do as he wished. No one could be so bold and very correct. Chavez felt for the poor in America. He sent part of his nation’s rich oil , free of charge to America. He did so to save Americans from dying of cold. The oil was necessary for heating homes of the impoverished and excluded in so called rich America. Yet America steals funds of its poor citizens in war racket , into the pockets of WALL STREET criminals , political thieves , arms and drug dealers. America has criminalized doing good. And legalize doing bad , exploitation of labour of workers. Feeding the poor , homeless and excluded is a crime in America. Only America has such twisted sense of morality , freedom and justice. On US Dollar is IN GOD WE TRUST. This god they trust must be SATAN , father of lies and evil. True God is Love , not anti homeless. He abhors evil. He cares for the oppressed and poor. God is anti Capitalism , an evil system that feeds and survives on exploitation , oppression and dehumanization of workers and children of True God , source of all existence.