Jehovah’s Witnesses are irrational and too set in their senseless ways.
They refuse to accept anything apart from their views. And interpretation of the Bible. The Witnesses have their own special translation of the Bible.
They are bogus Christian group at odds with all other Christians. With fake understanding of Scripture , God , Heaven , Hell and Salvation. These are very inhumane cultists , drunkened with poisoned and false sense of who they are. Jehavah’s Witnesses claim to be best followers and worshippers of Jehovah , God.
For years they predicted end of the World and Rupture. The predictions were changed many times without success.
Now they have abandonned the predictions. After a secret meeting of top officials at their Headquarters in New York.
Two major magazines of the sect are Watch Tower and Akwae. The papers are propaganda materials. To deceive and trick readers to accept their teachings. And cause them to think Witnesses are the only obedient servants of Jehovah , God.
Charles Russel was founder of the cult. He had character deformity which caused him to fear Hell. And then set to do all to show non-existence of Hell and Heaven for peoples after death.
He was good at memorizing Bible passages. He emphasized Paradise on Earth for the saved and everlasting sleep for the unsaved.
Jehovah’s Witnesses follow teachings of Charles Russel and spread them widely.